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University of Hawaii Hilo
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Librarians as learning specialists heter en bok skrevet av Allison Zmuda og Violet Harada.

Bokkilden presenterer boka og forfatterne på følgende måte:

This book describes how librarians and other «Learning Specialists» can successfully leverage their roles to meet the learning imperatives of the twenty first century.There are an increasing number of job descriptions in schools for «learning specialists» – certified teachers with specialised areas of expertise whose job it is improve student performance. While these positions are attractive ideas in theory, there are real challenges in effectively leveraging such roles to positively effect student learning. School librarians have been one of these learning specialists for decades.

Allison Zmuda began her work in education as a public high school social studies teacher in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Violet H. Harada is a professor of library and information science in the Department of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Hawaii.

Takk til Ellen Skaadel for tipset! Hun skal legge opp denne som pensum for oppgaven sin. Alltid spennende med nytt utenfra !

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